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Project type
Vegetarian food platform
Green Food
December 2022
UX Design
UI Design


Green Food, a company in the food industry, required a mobile application to enhance customer engagement and retention. In the briefing provided, I was asked to have an MVP with the following functionalities:
1 - Login and registration options.
2 - A list of healthy meals that users could filter based on their preferences.
3 - A loyalty program or other methods to bind customers to Green Food to enhance customer retention.

The project's primary objective was to create a mobile application that hooked Green Food's customers and improved their engagement by providing a convenient and personalized experience.


The company assigned me to design the MVP for both a mobile app and a website for Green Food.They identified the main issue as having a high volume of web traffic, but a low conversion rate with many visitors leaving the site.I was given information about the user profiles and their interest in creating a loyalty program, although the details of how that program would work had not yet been determined.


The data we were provided revealed that its clientele were people with healthy habits and affinity towards ecological and sustainable projects, so I sought a way to improve customer engagement through gamification in eco-related environments, mixed with a newsletter on topics of interest to the community, such as healthy food or circular economy initiatives.
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