A few words about me
I’m Santi, former architect and designer based in Barcelona that, after years designing physical spaces, decided to dive into the digital world.

My area of expertise is UX and UI design for web & app and no-code layouts, pushing boundaries to other work fields such as graphic design or video editing when needed.
After more than 6 years working in the retail architecture & design sector, I've been involved in all phases of projects for clients such as Nike, H&M, UNIQLO, Desigual, Swarovski or Salomon, among others. This experience made me love the hectic and multitasking environment of the design and retail industry, but also made me realize how digital was evolving and taking over most aspects of our lives, so when Covid arrived, I decided to refocus of my career.

I'm enthusiastic about technology & innovation, blockchain, artificial intelligence, XR+AR+VR and gaming. In my spare time I love to play padel and videogames, and also produce fantasy, folk and epic music soundtracks as a hobby. I love hiking when I have some free days or when on vacation - and recently started recording these excursions with a drone.
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